• Is it Spring?

    Is it Spring?  Who knows?  The weather is certainly a mixed bag of goodies at this time of the year.

    This week on special there are spring carrots, pineapples, avocadoes, kumara and courgettes in the vege department.

  • Roast Lamb & Asparagus; Spring is truely here!

    Spring is definitely here, the weather is a testament to that, 20 degrees one day and 5 the next.  But the up side is that lamb is on the menu again and so is asparagus.  
  • Parsnips, Apples and Beef Rump!

    Parsnips, apples and beef rump; some of the items that I had to work with this week.  Seasonality is essential for good food on a budget, buying in season means great deals on produce that is at its best.
  • Whats happening this week at Med Market

    An Alpine Venison giveaway, things to do with lemons and limes annnddd a super ham and pineapple deal - read our latest blog.