• It's Matariki weekend, Winter is upon us - time for warming winter food using lamb, kumara and pears

    Shop the specials people, shop seasonal, look around for the seconds and the deals and most importantly plan! I can’t stress that enough, plan, it’ll mean there’s less waste, your costs can be managed and you may even save yourself some time.  I sometimes make enough of things to put extra in the freezer or change it up for dinner the next night …. You know like roast chicken one night and chicken burritos the next ( something like that).  In the meantime lets get back to the kumara and diced lamb shoulder… here’s a couple of recipes from Dish Mags of past that I have really tweaked to suit the tastes in our house, and to make use of our specials.


    Lamb Kumara and Mint Pies

    Pear Almond Ginger and Caramel Cobbler


  • Lamb Shanks & Cauliflower Buffalo Bites, something to warm up your insides.

    Nawabi cooking is a courtly tradition of cooking a curry using dozens of spices to make a spectacular dish, probably more from the Northern regions as there is an Afghani influence .  Few Indian chefs use the tradition nowadays.


    I used a lot of spices, but not quite a dozen to create a paste to slow cook the lamb shanks to deliciousness.

  • Deliciousness From the Deli

    Each week we choose tasty things from the deli to put on special; for you to enjoy and this week is no exception.  We have whole Salmon sides from Mt Cook Aoraki Salmon, frozen but still delicious, lamb mince (oh the things you can do with that) Julie Familton remember that Persian Lamb Pilaf, Streaky Bacon ends a kilo for only $8.99; perfect for those dishes that call for chopped bacon, and we are crumbing fresh chicken tenderloins for you with our own panko, garlic and herb mix perfect for wraps, burgers and salads.
  • Is it Spring?

    Is it Spring?  Who knows?  The weather is certainly a mixed bag of goodies at this time of the year.

    This week on special there are spring carrots, pineapples, avocadoes, kumara and courgettes in the vege department.

  • Roast Lamb & Asparagus; Spring is truely here!

    Spring is definitely here, the weather is a testament to that, 20 degrees one day and 5 the next.  But the up side is that lamb is on the menu again and so is asparagus.  
  • Parsnips, Apples and Beef Rump!

    Parsnips, apples and beef rump; some of the items that I had to work with this week.  Seasonality is essential for good food on a budget, buying in season means great deals on produce that is at its best.
  • Whats happening this week at Med Market

    An Alpine Venison giveaway, things to do with lemons and limes annnddd a super ham and pineapple deal - read our latest blog.