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Our very first blog entry wow how things are changing.  We feel its important now more than ever to reach out and let you know the happenings of our store Med Market and all the things that that entails.

First up we are running a giveaway in conjunction with Alpine Deer NZ.  We have two lots of $75 packs of venison to giveaway, we have dedicated one parcel to online shopping customer and one parcel for in store customers. All you have to do is buy some Alpine Venison, you will find that in our weekly specials section. You will go into the draw then to win a $75 pack of Venison courtesy of us and Alpine Deer NZ.

Meanwhile we have delicious NZ lemons and limes also on special.  I spent last night dreaming about all things lemony and lime.  There are some goregous recipes out there for lemon curd and lime curd.  I make mine in the microwave, purists would scoff at this but I swear it has made the task of making a curd so much easier.  Here's some ideas for making the most of the citrus season, lemon curd muffins, lime curd brioche scrolls, lemon tart, key lime pie, raw lemon tart, preserved lemons, preserved limes - goodness so many things to make. 

Now as Ive been writing this today the guys have landed a huge shipment of our famous champagne hams, they were meant to be for the Auckland market but due to Delta Lockdown things aren't moving.  Made by our butchery in Christchurch, the hams have a month shelf life so can be enjoyed now or frozen down for Christmas - thats not that far away.  So heres the deal WHOLE, HALVES, THIRDS, SLICED CHAMPAGNE HAM $9.99 KG AND FRESH PINEAPPLES $1.99 EACH  holy thats an awesome deal!  

Chat soon ;)

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  • Trying to find your lamb & pomegranate molasses recipe… 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Please help- looks delicious!

    Brenda Horne

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